Friday, 8 March 2013

Song of Blades and Heroes + Hobbits Vs. Orcs

Over the next few days I hope to post photos of some games played over the last year. Here is a recent wargame using the most eloquent Song of Blades and Heroes rules.

After a poorly planned mountain ambush involving hurling boulders down upon an unsuspecting wagon train, the once peaceful valley below is turned into a battle ground. The Orcs rush down the slopes to grab the spoils of their hard work. However, a call to arms is sounded in the nearby village. Hobbits approach from the hills...

The first to engage the orcs is Magnus Runestar, the famed Dwarf Wizard! He is accompanied by local heroes Leo the Bald and Drunk Martin Shortshanks.

Let there be light! Magnus bedazzles the Orc Leader. A boon for the Hobbits!

The medium stick... Orcs race forward to destroy the Hobbit militia. 

The Orc Leader remains stunned as his lads run past him to engage the enemy.

The battle is joined. An Orc Warrior falls to Leo's large sword. The hero rushes onwards...

... and is knocked down. The spell is broken!? Angered by the sorcerous entanglement, the Orcs fight with deadly fury. Could this be a turning point for the Orcs? 


Magnus smiles as the Orcs fall one by one. Some Orcs flee in terror!

The rest of the Hobbits arrive in time for drinks and dinner!

The Orcs suffer a complete rout after their Leader falls. A good game, though a hard lesson for the Orcs. Entangle proves to be a mighty spell! Fortune favours the bold, the bald and those with a battle buddy in close combat.

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