Saturday, 30 November 2013

Classic Citadel Ogre Warrior Priest

This has to be one of my favourite miniatures. I was a teenager living in a tin shed when I painted this classic Citadel Ogre. Designed by Jes Goodwin, he was released with the C23 Giant Ogres in 1985. Warrior Priest? Horny Shaman more-like. Arguably one of the best Ogre minis ever! There's plenty of painted detail, especially with the cloth. The idea being that due to his giant size, various flags and banners have been stitched together to make a motley coat. Let's just say that I had some time on my hands back then.

I used a flash on a couple of the shots to show the detail. Despite 20+ years of gaming, he's still in good shape!

Friday, 29 November 2013

Citadel Sorcerers + Theleb Kaarna

Some more miniatures from my gaming shelf, painted back in the golden age of gaming. The flaming-haired bolt-blaster on the left is a masked servant of Chaos. If he has a name, I don't know it. Maybe you do? The rascal on the right is the one and only Theleb K'Aarna, from the Young Kingdoms. I have a few miniatures from the BC5 Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion series.

As I noted above, both were both painted over twenty years ago. The bases are 'flocked' with Tamiya putty. Despite the fact that square bases were in vogue back then, I preferred the 40k round bases. I still do.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Citadel Hobbits + Dwarves + Old School Cool Minis

More cool minis from the gaming room shelves. Some of these are classic 80s Citadel miniatures. There are also three Harlequin miniatures with added belt gear and embossed shields from the recent Battle for Skull Pass set.

Ah, time for some Bugman's!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Happy Birthday Lewis

Here's one for the next game! A dodgy old codger, penning his novel about the quick and the dead. A playing card, the ace of spades, strapped to his hat. At his right side rests a weathered Bible, which contains protection from all manner of dangers. By his left, a flask of cheap Bourbon. Writing is thirsty work.


Happy Birthday Lewis.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Darkest Africa

Monday game night... the drums! A game of Darkest Africa.

My forces.

Phil's forces and my objective, the supplies.

A beautiful night in paradise.

Fast moving warriors.

The sound of drums.

Mighty warriors.

Ngoni archers.

The tents look pink tonight.

Cautious advancement.

The Witchdoctor.


Great gaming table and terrain. Well done Lewis.

Ngoni archers, playing it cool.

The warriors advance.

A fearsome warrior.


A mad rush.

Jungle boogie.

Brutal engagement.

A loud crack of smoke and fire. The Witchdoctor dies.

Phil beats a hasty retreat.



Casualties are high.

The baggage train is captured! Alas, Phil's reserves (in the background) arrive too late.

Behind you!

Victory is mine!

Victory! I capture Phil's supplies by the end of turn 4. A close call, as his reserves which had just arrived, would have turned the tide in the following turn. Thanks again Lewis for hosting and running a great game.