Thursday, 27 September 2018

Hagglethorn Hollow on Kickstarter

Greetings Delvers! I am very excited about this! It may have been something you are following already but I thought I should mention a project begun here in New Zealand that has just launched on Kickstarter. Hagglethorn Hollow is the lovingly designed, sculpted by hand, terrain set by Johnny Fraser-Allen.

In the video above (shot by Steve Unwin), Adam Savage talks with Johnny about the full project but for the moment, the Labyrinth and Buildings that are on offer. All of it is modular, and can be mixed and matched in an incredibly organic way.

Hagglethorn Hollow Full-Pledge

Because Johnny also works for Weta, it has a real film-set model level of detail. I can't wait to have Hagglethorn Hollow on my gaming table! He talks more about his background here in an interview with Beasts of War:

So what are you waiting for? Go check it out!


Darcy Perry

Friday, 7 September 2018

Double Doors of Doom! Star Hat Miniatures: Law Vs Chaos

So, where do these ideas come from? How does a mermaid fit into the Dungeons of Doom underworld and the Star Hat Universe? Well, I could tell you...

...but why do your imagining for you?

Seriously though, I often let the putty do the storytelling, as I sculpt. Sometimes I am surprised by the results! There is definitely a Polynesian feel to this piece. The broken pearl necklace was a last moment addition which brought a big smile to my dial.

Now it’s off to John Popson (Effin Cool, US), then Chris Nicholls (Macrocosm, UK), for mould making and casting in resin.

I am not sure I could be having more fun than I am right now. Thanks for backing Law Vs Chaos! What, you didn't back the Kickstarter? Get ye to BackerKit :)

God bless,

Darcy Perry


Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Law Vs Chaos + The Double Doors of Doom!

Greetings Delvers!

40 hours to go on the Law Vs Chaos Kickstarter campaign and more craziness has appeared!

Here is a heavy piece of (resin) terrain for your next dungeon crawl. There are times in a sculptor’s life when they do something completely different. I blame Murray. Functions as a temple entrance (Dagon or Cthulhu?), or the throne room of a benthic king, or the janitor’s closet at Star Hat University, or as an inter-planetary gate. Travis loves the versatility.

The Double Doors of Doom! 120mm tall, 165mm wide and 80mm deep!

The Double Doors of Doom!

“The Double Doors of Doom,” Nika whispered in hushed tones, “you open them.”
Nanook stared up at the ornate doors with an uneasy feeling, “It’s your turn.”
“What, again?”
“Yeah, I opened the chest in the last room,” he said.
Nika coughed abruptly, “chests don’t count.”
“I think we’re being watched,” he said quietly, “and not in a good way…”
“Is there ever a good way?”
“It’s moving!”

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Wargame News and Terrain: Star Hat Miniatures: Popular Dungeons of Doom: Law...: Star Hat Miniatures: They're back! By popular demand! More Delvers lost in the Dungeons of Doom! Just in time for the cosmic battle be...

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Dungeons of Doom V: Law Vs Chaos + Kickstarter LIVE

It's alive! Dungeons of Doom V: Law Vs Chaos is the latest Kickstarter from Star Hat Miniatures is now LIVE on Kickstarter! I am really excited about sharing these new miniatures with you!

This is my 5th Kickstarter and it's really exciting to have a couple of fantastic sculptors on board. Here are the giants from Anton Ducrot (Flytrap Factory):

Anton's Giants: Milton, Cecil with boar, and Kongeegenan!
Gary Hunt (Gary Hunt Miniatures and Weta) has also gifted his pet Black Dragon to the Law Vs Chaos campaign:

Gary's Black Dragon, Borranix!
Here are the new miniatures I have sculpted (so far) for Dungeons of Doom V: Law Vs Chaos:

If you see anything you like, or just want to say hello, you're welcome. It only takes NZ$1 (about 50 UK pence or 66 US cents) to become a backer that can comment and be part of the journey.

Casting and shipping are from New Zealand (Regal Enterprises and Star Hat Miniatures), Ohio in the United States (Effin Cool Miniatures) and Gloucestershire (Macrocosm) in the United Kingdom.

This Kickstarter ends on the 31st August 2018.


Darcy Perry