Monday, 24 September 2012

Space Marines vs. Tharks

These venerable tomes of battle (thanks Lewis) inspired this game of Space Marines vs. Tharks, although we ended up using Warhammer 5th Edition rules with the Ogryns stat block for Tharks.

Thanks also to the scenario author, TheMachineGod. You can download Recover-The-Artifact at
Wreckage markers are placed and sides are drawn.

Tharks advance.

Space Marines enter ruins.

Searching the wreckage.


And then there was one.

Wreckage is unstable and explodes!

Tharks find the artifact!

Armour Saves abound!

Courage under fire.
The artifact is fragile and can only be carried by walking infantry back to their deployment table edge.

Close combat stalemate.

The long walk home... under fire.

  Then there were three.

So close...

Then there were two.

First time in play for the Tharks and they looked great in action. Thanks to Greg for a highly enjoyable game. Also to Lewis for the Terrain and ecouragement. The contested artifact meant a draw, however a few more rounds would have seen a complete rout of the wasteland mutants.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Orcs From The Golden Age of Citadel Miniatures

I recently painted these early Citadel Miniature Orcs for Lewis, a fellow gamer. Although they were supposed to be to gaming standard, hence the classic 80's goblin green painted bases, I fell in love with these nasty greenskins and they got special treatment. The shields were especially fun to paint. Some were inspired by artwork from my collection of old White Dwarf magazines.

Most of the miniatures are Orc Champions from the Citadel 'C' Series Ranges - Mid 1980s - Designed by Alan & Michael Perry and Kevin Adams.

Rudlud's Armoured Orc and Musician

Harboth's Orc Archer Champion  and Orc Champion

Dual Weapon Orcs 16 (Sword Repaired) & 17

Warrior Orc and Orc Champion

Rudlud's Armoured Orc and Spigbald Spike Mangler

Mandig Elfsickle and Hakblod Stunty Slicer


Thursday, 6 September 2012

A Dozen Tharks

Edgar Rice Burroughs started writing his Martian adventures in 1911. I recently saw the John Carter movie and was inspired to lead the ferocious Tharks to battle!

I bought these fine Wasteland Mutants from Bronze Age Miniatures. They were a joy to paint. Although after painting thirteen of them, my green paint pot was empty!

Thark Jeddak Riding Thoat

Tharks, a war-loving horde of green martians, are best summed up by the ancient Tharkian proverb: "Leave to a Thark his head and one hand and he may yet conquer."

I bought some fine Wasteland Mutants from Bronze Age Miniatures, including this eight-legged Thoat and jeddak rider. They were a joy to paint. Although after painting thirteen of them, my green paint pot was empty!