Saturday, 22 September 2012

Orcs From The Golden Age of Citadel Miniatures

I recently painted these early Citadel Miniature Orcs for Lewis, a fellow gamer. Although they were supposed to be to gaming standard, hence the classic 80's goblin green painted bases, I fell in love with these nasty greenskins and they got special treatment. The shields were especially fun to paint. Some were inspired by artwork from my collection of old White Dwarf magazines.

Most of the miniatures are Orc Champions from the Citadel 'C' Series Ranges - Mid 1980s - Designed by Alan & Michael Perry and Kevin Adams.

Rudlud's Armoured Orc and Musician

Harboth's Orc Archer Champion  and Orc Champion

Dual Weapon Orcs 16 (Sword Repaired) & 17

Warrior Orc and Orc Champion

Rudlud's Armoured Orc and Spigbald Spike Mangler

Mandig Elfsickle and Hakblod Stunty Slicer



  1. Love the shield work you did on these guys & the teeth on the shoulder pad turned out great too!