Thursday, 18 July 2013

Dungeons and Dragons + The Campaign

Here it is, the beginning of The Campaign! This was one Saturday a few months ago. 13+ hours of fun and the photos don't really tell the story but a great way to spend a day with friends. Lewis, Grant and Phil were the players. Yours truly was the DM.

Some of these photos may be out of order and there was far too much going on to write out the turn of events. In true old school fashion, a lot of time was spent roleplaying without miniatures, dice or rules. However, the likelyhood of some sort of blog entries in the future detailing characters, monsters and game elements of this beginning adventure is high. Of course, we might just end up playing and not blogging anything. In fact, we've already had the next session. Dungeons and Dragons was the winner on the day!

The party arrives at the 'abandoned' dwarven mines... this was after plenty of mayhem in Brym's Towne and some rather humorous events enroute.

The Sons of Ajax, Swords and Axes for Hire, have bolstered the party numbers.

Epic adventure awaits...

Mine exploration.

Tension mounts.

Fungai! This room lead to a whole episode of hilarity, mainly thanks to Bork and his Clerical Abuse. Give a man enough rope...

Mistreatment of Claris the Cleric of St. Cuthbert!

Draws unwanted attention! Ratmen?

Modular terrain. Like it?

You can make your own:


Kiss my axe!

Not in order.

Horsepuncher Jones has fallen. Ack.

The fight is won. No one mourns the fallen hobbit.

Stairs going downward.

Level 2.

A strange glow, weird incantations and the smell of sulfur and blue cheese.

Crom's devils! What is that?

They summoned a giant demon rat!

Chaos reigns!

Ratmen! Cultists! Attack!

Hot chili dip! There is a ladder here also.
Ha! The gnomes are found!

Bandits: "Just give us the gnomes and nobody gets hurt."

Hey, a chest!
Thief. Chest. Paydirt!

Hey, a way out!

Level 3: Meanwhile, Hatchet Higgins encounters a carnivorous ape.

If a tree falls in the woods, with no one to hear it...

Arrrrgh! Run away!

Hatchet Higgins flees upstairs with the ape on his heels.

Hatchet Higgins downs a potion of gaseous form after being savaged by the ape. Hoping it was a healing potion he has a rather spiritual experience as he departs on a journey around the dungeon.

Slime room.

Ravenloft and World of Darkness have nothing on this dinky duo.

Dwarves held prisoner in the lower levels.

Some sort of teleporter in the far room. 

The room of Gods.

Big freaky weird stuff avoided by not attempting to communicate with these dungeon dwellers.

If you go out in the woods today... you will befriend a wardog and follow it back to the bandit camp where you will slaughter the bandits and then the poor hound!

A room not entered.

Happy campers!

The morning after.

Further adventure awaits.