Sunday, 7 July 2013

James Ward + Petty Gods + Artwork

Here is my latest artwork for the Petty Gods project. Ravel/Unravel is a god created by the legendary game designer and fantasy author, James Ward.

"Demi-god of both bad and good fortune, this being changes shape on a whim to move among the creatures of any race."

So I put pencil to paper, doing my best to follow his art order*. Here is the response:

What a wonderful piece of work. The image is exactly right. Please tell Darcy I think it's wonderful.

best regards,

Jim Ward

It's a very small world when the designer of the first science-fiction roleplaying game (Metamorphosis Alpha, 1976), various treasured roleplaying games and fiction (Gods, Demi-Gods & Heroes, Gamma World, Pool of Radiance, Deities & Demigods, Greyhawk Adventures, etc.) and collectable card, computer, and miniature battle games (Dragon Ball Z, Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption, Westeros GAME OF THRONES), has art for one of his creations come from New Zealand.

I really am honoured. Thank you Gorgonmilk for making this happen. It's probably also a good excuse to play some Gamma World this month!

* [ ART ORDER: If I was asking for an image I would place two humans back to back. Ravel would be a wondrously pretty woman dressed in revealing sleepwear while Unravel would be a wrestler in size with black armor done in razors all over the armor with a sword larger than the image of the human.]

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  1. Thanks is a fantastic picture. Petty Gods has become the book I want most these days. It is going to be amazing.