Friday 22 November 2019

Mordux on Throne of Bones for DuckQuest

Yesterday a small and unassuming parcel arrived from Macrocosm with some resin dungeon terrain for me to paint. I really enjoyed giving the Throne of Bones a quack paint job. This is probably my favourite terrain skull-pture to date - it has plenty of detail and took paint from the brush beautifully. I am sure you will think of some humerus puns while painting to tickle the funny bones of your players when you bring it to your gaming table.

By The Power of Greyduck!

Mordux on the Throne of Bones!
The metal Mordux sits comfortably on the resin throne of bones, but you could glue his butt to the seat if you like. I am leaving mine unglued for those times when Mordux is out and about.

Mordux was made available thanks to backers of the DuckQuest Kickstarter and is available for preorder (last week!) on Backerkit

God bless and enjoy your games!

Darcy Perry
Star Hat Miniatures

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