Friday, 7 September 2018

Double Doors of Doom! Star Hat Miniatures: Law Vs Chaos

So, where do these ideas come from? How does a mermaid fit into the Dungeons of Doom underworld and the Star Hat Universe? Well, I could tell you...

...but why do your imagining for you?

Seriously though, I often let the putty do the storytelling, as I sculpt. Sometimes I am surprised by the results! There is definitely a Polynesian feel to this piece. The broken pearl necklace was a last moment addition which brought a big smile to my dial.

Now it’s off to John Popson (Effin Cool, US), then Chris Nicholls (Macrocosm, UK), for mould making and casting in resin.

I am not sure I could be having more fun than I am right now. Thanks for backing Law Vs Chaos! What, you didn't back the Kickstarter? Get ye to BackerKit :)

God bless,

Darcy Perry


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