Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Darkest Africa

Monday game night... the drums! A game of Darkest Africa.

My forces.

Phil's forces and my objective, the supplies.

A beautiful night in paradise.

Fast moving warriors.

The sound of drums.

Mighty warriors.

Ngoni archers.

The tents look pink tonight.

Cautious advancement.

The Witchdoctor.


Great gaming table and terrain. Well done Lewis.

Ngoni archers, playing it cool.

The warriors advance.

A fearsome warrior.


A mad rush.

Jungle boogie.

Brutal engagement.

A loud crack of smoke and fire. The Witchdoctor dies.

Phil beats a hasty retreat.



Casualties are high.

The baggage train is captured! Alas, Phil's reserves (in the background) arrive too late.

Behind you!

Victory is mine!

Victory! I capture Phil's supplies by the end of turn 4. A close call, as his reserves which had just arrived, would have turned the tide in the following turn. Thanks again Lewis for hosting and running a great game.

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