Friday, 1 November 2013

Song of Blades and Chaos

This afternoon's game with Lewis and Rom... and me. Firstly, Rom is a great painter. Check out the Chronopia and Descent (2.0) miniatures from his collection. Oh, and enjoy the game commentary.

In the red corner, Enwebbed, the sorcerous and spider-molesting venom junkie. Backed by his fearsome entourage; Spiderlungen, Big Lem the Ettin and a handful of rabble that deserve no mention. Oh, I mentioned them, didn't I?

Much thought and care taken in setting up the table. It's a jungle out there.

At the back, in the blue corner, a bunch of misfits, miscreants, and mother-lovers.  There was no leader but the mount was magnificent. Hive mind? 

It begins...

Mooo! Something stirred within the temple.

Rom's mighty force stole free moves while no one was watching.
Lewis fondles the ferns.

The Black Bloods advance. Note again, the excellent form of the Kutara Lancer. 

Enwebbed slithers forward, while Big Lem sweats profusely.


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Ratmen attack!

Descent of the minotaur. Moooo!

The Blackbloods await orders while maintaining a menacing appearance.

Chaos creeps up from behind.

Take that, you dirty rat!

A messy end for our sorcerous fiend.

Chaos abounds!

Peek a boo!

Rom's unnamed archer, The Archer (with No Name), comes out of the palms with arrows flying from his bow.

I see you!

An Elemental of Confusion, er, a confused Elemental bursts forth from the artifact. Lewis rolls to see what he faces... and it's... the weakest of the four elements! A song of fail, as Chaos gets a bath but no ill effects.

Incey Wincey spider sneak attack.

A nasty little Chaos Dwarf is knocked off his webbed feet.

I think I stepped in something?

Rom takes his camera off the tripod for a close up of the victorious hero.

More milk for the milk god! Moooo!

Mooooo! A victory for Lewis and his merry band of Chaos Champions. Song of Blades and Heroes is also the winner on the day. Thanks to Rom for the loan of his fantastic warband and expert knowledge of the rules. Lewis let the die roll where it may, including taking it on the chin when the Elemental appeared at his feet, instead of emerging from the Temple of Dim. A well deserved win!

Alas, I faired poorly, forgetting the objective while being distracted by Rom's Kutara Lancer. In my defence, it's easy to get drawn to his beautiful miniatures.