Saturday, 30 November 2013

Classic Citadel Ogre Warrior Priest

This has to be one of my favourite miniatures. I was a teenager living in a tin shed when I painted this classic Citadel Ogre. Designed by Jes Goodwin, he was released with the C23 Giant Ogres in 1985. Warrior Priest? Horny Shaman more-like. Arguably one of the best Ogre minis ever! There's plenty of painted detail, especially with the cloth. The idea being that due to his giant size, various flags and banners have been stitched together to make a motley coat. Let's just say that I had some time on my hands back then.

I used a flash on a couple of the shots to show the detail. Despite 20+ years of gaming, he's still in good shape!

1 comment:

  1. Looking good there, mate. A cracking job on a classic model. I've actually got this guy on my workbench right now. I have some special plans for mine...