Thursday, 5 December 2013

Count Urlik Skarsol + Erekose + Moonglum

Some more classic miniatures here. All Citadel, including some rare as hens teeth Eternal Champion characters...


Shield detail.

Count Urlik Skarsol and Moonglum.

Count Urlik Skarsol and Moonglum.

Erhrard in the middle. A fabled Lord of Battle.

These miniatures have been gaming since the 80s!

Erekose on the left.

Note the smiley face.

Monk and Samurai.

I still have a handful of these to paint.

Good help?

Some damage to the tunic.

Classic Wizard and Wood Elf.

No school like the Old school.


  1. These models are great. I partiularly like the double eagle on Conan's shield and the Classic Wizard model is a ... classic! Are any of them recently painted?

    1. Thanks for your kind words of praise. The top one, with the double-headed eagle was painted a few months ago. The rest were painted over twenty years ago. I have the Dwarf Lords of Legend on my painting bench at the moment.