Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Blackhawk + Tower of Skulls + The Necromancer

Tower of Skulls
The Necromancer. Not a popular fellow. He has the sort of personality that leaves you cold. Thousands of years old, he has been defeated by many legendary heroes, only to return with vengeance a century or so later.

It is rumoured he has a fortress, the Tower of Skulls, hidden deep in the World's Edge Mountains, beyond the Borderlands and the Caves of Chaos. Certainly not where you might take a pleasant stroll for an afternoon picnic.

In the world of Blackhawk, this foreboding mountain fortress is only sought by those who have clearly lost their minds (or are about to). The Necromancer is not one to be trifled with. Although the ruins appear abandoned, in his service are legions of creatures dark and foul, living and undead.

Inspired by this awesome new piece of terrain that Lewis found in a pet shop. It's far too good to decorate a fish tank!

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  1. now that,s a nice piece of architecture to put on the table when the PC's finally get to the necromancers lair

    "after a week of marching through the blighted fens you see this........ roll for initiative"