Thursday, 26 December 2013

Caryth Darkelf + Borax Bloodaxe + Green Stuff

Caryth the Darkelf (Freebooter) and Borax Bloodaxe, one of the eight Dwarf Lords of Legend! These are the last two miniatures painted in 2013. More next year. Happy holidays!

An unlikely duo!

The detail on this miniature is amazing.
Caryth came in three parts and has plenty of detail on such a tiny frame. I developed a new technique for her blades: blue steel. The original base was square, so I borrowed an old idea from another Dwarf Lord of Legend and gave her an Orc's head to rest her foot on. First time using Green Stuff. I usually Tamiya Epoxy Putty. A little different in texture but it came out just fine.

Original base and new one with Green Stuff.


  1. Neat. I like Corax in particular. What did you use for blood?

  2. I use Tamiya Clear Red. It's very good for achieving a fresh, wet look. My pot is over twenty years old and still has plenty of paint left.

  3. Nice work on the both of them. I know the dwarf, and was going to ask where the elf is from, but I see she is one of Werner's figures. Are they destined for the display shelf, or gaming as well?

  4. The Elf was a present for my 40th and it took a year before I painted her. I guess I was waiting for inspiration. The display shelf is in the gaming room, so they'll both see action soon enough! I have a few more Dwarf Lords to paint. They are less fiddly and have plenty of character.