Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Grenadier + Dragon Lords + Magic Users

The first miniatures I ever painted were made by Grenadier. They were available from the local (Te Kuiti) book shop in small blister packs or boxed sets. The following miniatures are from one of the latter, Dragon Lords - Fantasy Boxed Sets: Magic Users™ (TM, yes indeed), Advanced Level Adventurers. Except for the Magic User, who is from another Dragon Lords boxed set: Specialists - The Skilled Ones.

Magician (A44) and Sorcerer (A38).

Magic User and Enchanter (A40).

They were 25mm, made of lead, and also came with some heavy-weight endorsement:

 "I endorse Grenadier's DRAGON LORDS™ and FANTASY LORDS™ miniatures because they capture the spirit and imagination of fantasy role playing." ~ Dave Arneson.✞

The Enchanter was originally painted by my friend Alex. I recently gave it a repaint, keeping his masterful robe lining. The others have also been given some love with a gentle brush within the last year or so. I have given away a lot of my Grenadier miniatures over the years but still have plenty left to paint. Because of the fine detail, they are very rewarding. These miniatures have really stood the test of time. Almost 30 years!

It's probably worth mentioning that (way back then) during a game of D&D we didn't tend to use miniatures except to represent our character in party order.

✞David L. Arneson, Co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, the original adventure fantasy roleplaying game.

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