Thursday, 25 April 2013

Celts vs Chaos vs Orcs

Greg (Celts), Lewis (Chaos), and I (Orcs) in a race to find a lost relic hidden amongst the ruins known as the Altar of Skulls. Legend has it that the fabled giant Turog fought his fomorian brothers while playing the ancient game of Monopoly here and a great doom was brought upon the world. Although wounded, he went on to slaughter many Lords of Law and of Chaos later that day, in a rage of pain and grief. For it is told in the Book of Fleet that the mighty Turog lost his brothers in this epic battle. He also lost his left eye. This orb he left amongst the corpses in honour of his kin, a fist sized ruby of evil sorcery.

To try and take the unholy relic by stealth or force, three mortal enemies have come this night; Durgan the Bald and his tribe of wildlings, Kwegj the Claw (a Champion of Chaos) and his dark reavers (including the fearsome minotaur, Moo the Mighty), Cyr'uoc Mancleaver and his bloody-thirsty band of orcs.

There is a doom placed upon any who dare remove the orb from it's resting place. To avoid the curse, the Orb of Turog has to be collected from one of the giant skulls and then hallowed by harvest moonlight within the engraved Eye Socket of Turog, upon the altar proper. Tonight is such a night. A night for reaping a harvest of red ruin!

 Cyr'uoc Mancleaver finds the Orb of Turog but is challenged by the Mighty Moo!

Hakblood joins the fray. Moo is slain. "Mooooooooooooooooo!"

Wildlings wail, wave their willy's and gnash their teeth against the armoured warriors of Chaos!

Ratmen! The Claw! Cyr'uoc Mancleaver fights for his life as the creatures of chaos scream for blood and vengeance.

Archers and slicers, bashers and stabbers...

Upon the Altar of Skulls, the Orb of Turog is afire! "Ok lads, lets go home..."

"Look at me, I have sickles. Blood and souls for the Horned God!"

"Flee!" Is that the short stick?

Well, a win for Cyr'uoc Mancleaver and his bloody-thirsty band of orcs. The Orb of Turog is going straight to the pool room. I recall Chaos had the worst of it in the end. The Celts were unpredictable but deadly. Another fantastic game using Song of Blades and Heroes.

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