Sunday, 5 May 2013

Cowboys and more...

I recently won this auction for some paints, which I desperately needed as most of my paint pots are 20+ years in age. This requires drops of water and plenty of scraping/stirring to get some colour on the brush. Well, the paints came with cowboys and more...
Looks like I’ll have to run a Boot Hill campaign!
"More than 150 cowboy and cowboy-era civilian miniatures + 90 paints + Brushes + loads of other painting equipment.  
The miniatures run from traditional cowboys (including the Earps and Clantons) to American Indians, to Chinese, to trappers, mountain men and civilians. There are also a few horses and cows in the same scale. 
The Miniatures are around 30mm to 32mm tall (around 27 to 29mm to the eyes) or of a similar scale. Most were purchased through the following retailers: Black Scorpion, Artizan Designs, Crusader Miniatures, Reaper Miniatures, Copplestone Castings, Bluemoon, and Redoubt Enterprises. 
Most of the miniatures have been based on round 25mm bases and have been undercoated using Games Workshop's Skull White spray-on basecoat. A few of the civilians (maybe 10 of them) have a little more painting done on them, but aren't finished. 
Also included are a lot of spare bases and various scenery pieces, such as bleached cow's skulls, wagon wheels, a gattling gun, and assorted pistols and rifles. 
The paints are mostly Vallejo colours, with a selection of Vallejo inks, and a few Citadel foundation paints. 
Other equipment includes various colours of flock, moss, and scale trees. There is also a selection of heavier base-paints for making scenery and even a gloss that I used for doing water. There are also various small files and clippers. 
I'm selling these because I no longer have time for the hobby, being busy with other things. Feel free to ask questions."
I hit the buy now button and couldn't be happier.  In fact, I've already started painting! Here is the first miniature of half a dozen Mexicans I finished over the weekend. 

One down, 150 to go!
There is a heap of stuff, eh? It’s funny because normally I would have let this go to auction, missed out for some reason and kicked myself later. However, I kept coming back to the paints. It really sucks having to add water and try to revive a dried up paint pot. A fresh batch of paints has made life so much easier. Thanks Phil!

Winter is coming…

Painting to do!

Darcy ‘Tombstone’ Perry 


  1. That is a good haul. Was that a Trademe auction? Where in NZ are you?

    1. $250 buy now on Trade Me. Easily worth ten times that. Tamahere brother!