Thursday, 29 August 2013

Monday Night Game + Warmaster Medieval

Another Monday night game. Huzzah! What was the rule set? Warmaster Ancients and the supplement Warmaster Medieval armies. Who were the protagonists? The French were the Earl of Darceville (er, yes that's me... thanks Lewis) and the Duke of Vauxhall (also me). English consisted of King Henry (Phil) and Thomas of Hookton* (Lewis).
Viva La France!

Mad Dogs and King Henry! Er, the English.

More English! It's bloody Thomas Hooknose!

The Tower. What was the name of the sword the monks had in the keep/tower? "La Malice", the ear chopping sword Peter swung to defend Jesus when the Roman soldiers came to arrest him.

The Battle Begins!

Who's that trotting over my bridge?

Thomas of Hookton sends forth his archers.

King Henry's archers fire a volley at the bridge, slaying some Chevaliers of France.

Duke Vauxhall licks his wounds as Earl Darceville sends forth his Chevaliers.

The English advance...

...he marched them up to the top of the hill.
...and he marched them down again.


That's gotta hurt!

It's all downhill from here!

King Henry sends the cavalry!

Thomas (Lewis) points a finger.

The Chevaliers of Earl Darceville continue the massacre.

The English are confused, again. Alas, many are drowned in the river.

The Duke of Vauxhall rides forth!

King Henry watches and waits.

Men-at-arms cross the river!

Forming a shield-wall.

Their last on this world.

The Earl Darceville sends their corpses floating downstream.

King Henry engages Duke Vauxhall.

French mustard?!

The English are weary and wary.

After heavy losses and a strained command, the English retreat. Viva La France!


A great game by the way. I thoroughly did not deserve to win but I’ll take the victory anyway! Thanks to Lewis and Phil. Especially to Lewis for the fine terrain and excellent miniatures (he painted himself).

*Thomas Hookton? For more info read 1356 (Bernard Cornwall)

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