Saturday, 7 June 2014

Painting Table Saturday 31 + Base Preparation

It's Saturday... Painting Table Saturday! This week I have some base preparation going on with some more classic Citadel miniatures. I like painting all sorts of miniatures but those that have spent a few decades waiting for the brush have a special place in my heart. Of course it's not all about painting. There is often some preparation that goes into a figure before any paint is applied. So this week I'm going to show one of my basing techniques.

These fellows are almost finished.

A Citadel Wizard. Thanks Bob!

Stones from the driveway are superglued each side of the tab.

Perfect stones are not required. Find some that fit the figure.

Green stuff can fill the gaps.

It's cool to leave some gaps also.

Rocky outcrops can add to a dynamic pose.

Green stuff between the legs covers the seam.

Using stones saves on costly green stuff.

It also adds a more realistic rocky feel.

Rough and ready for painting!

A simple coat of grey shows how effective this technique is.

When I oversquirt the white paint, I use it on anything close at hand.

A good figure for  “object-source lighting” (OSL).

The back is kept in shadow.

Beginning to add colour, which will stay bright by lantern light.

The colours behind will be lost in shadow with successive dark washes.

Thanks, as always, goes to Sofie! To my fellow painters, enjoy your weekend and God bless you!

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