Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Star Wars X-Wing + Empire Strikes Back

Monday night, Game Night. Last week, not so long ago in a galaxy not far from this one, the Rebel scum were destroyed by the Empire. This time round, I played the Empire and Dave piloted the Rebel spaceships. 

Here is our first X-Wing Miniatures using the Advanced rules. More tokens, more options, more awesome!

The Tie-Fighters proved to be a force to be reckoned with, coming out of Stress maneuvers with relative ease and using Focus Tokens to good effect in evasive actions. Even Dave's Ion Cannon was unable to deter them as they deftly ran rings around the Rebel fighters.

Dave improved the table mat with spots of paint flicked from a toothbrush for a suitably epic space arena. It was a longer game than last week, although the extra rules on targeting, etc. were easy to grasp and made for an enjoyable evening's entertainment. 

We also came up with a subtle way to show space-explosions, using damage cards.

Not enough impact.

That's better!


  1. Damned good game I need to scramble my squadrons a bot more often

    1. I must say, win or lose, it's a great way to spend an hour or two.