Saturday, 16 July 2016

Kickstarter Project + Sculpting Fantasy Miniatures

Delvers Lost in the Dungeons of Doom! 
Rom has produced some great banner art for my Kickstarter project. Ella filmed my video today and will begin editing this week.

I've finished some final sculpting before sending the miniatures off to Regal Enterprises in Greytown for review prior to casting. Some things were a work in progress while the Dwarf coat of (chain)mail  was improved by tearing off the previous putty and beginning again with a better technique.

The whole process so far has been highly enjoyable. Creating a character with wire and putty has given me a deeper respect for miniature sculptors. Making miniatures is challenging but also rewarding. I have painted hundreds of miniatures in my life and now I've made my own for others to paint!

However, I need a successful Kickstarter campaign first. So, it's back to work.

My first sculpted miniature on a banner, ready for the Kickstarter page.

Completed work on the Staff of Lizardry.

Axe handle gets a grip.

Old mail.

New mail.

God bless you and have an awesome week!