Friday, 14 June 2013

Song of Blades and Heroes + Dungeon Delvers

These photos are from a few months ago. Once again reminding me I am more of a gamer than a blogger! Lewis ran this game with Song of Blades and Heroes. The exploring party had mixed success and I had a lot of fun!

The party enters the caves. Sungrin and Ross-Putin leading the way.

Ross-Putin holds the Bowl of Elemental Soup above his head.

Alysia the mild-fighter checks for traps with her 10-foot pole.
Ok, so this is where things get hairy. The party stays back while Alysia disarms the trap. As she does this a beast emerges from the tunnel...

Alysia quickly sinks into the shadows as Dougal taunts the beast!

Dougal 'Spikeyhelm' MacRoth engages the beast.

Foul smelling servants of Chaos!

The last few moments of Alysia's life are spent wondering what hit her!

Wielding the mighty Claymore of MacRoth, Dougal lays the beast low. Vorst the Dwarf sends a well-aimed crossbow bolt into the nearest foe while Ross-Putin unleashes eldritch magic. The party retreats with cover fire from Ross-Putin and Vorst the Dwarf. 

Answering the call for adventure, Gromli the Dwarf!

"Great, another Dwarf... just what we need." Cohen the Uncouth is unimpressed.

The party mourns the loss of Alysia.

After a suitable time has passed, they enter the caverns once again. Cohen and Gromli at the fore!


"...he had the alertness and stealth of the born woodsman, the iron-hardness of the mountain man, the Herculean strength of his blacksmith father, and a practical familiarity with the knife, axe, and sword."

"Goat stew for dinner!" roared MacRoth.

Sungrin has a bad feeling about this...

A vision of Chaos!

Photo in the wrong order!

Succubi put on the charm offensive.

The party are just offensive!

An Ogre trips through the doorway.

A battle ensues. The Ogre is slain and falls on Gromli!

Stairs going down...

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