Thursday, 26 September 2013

Another Good Day To Die + Boothill Campaign

About time I posted some more of the Boothill Campaign. Another good day to die! This game was several months ago. Thank God I'm not a professional blogger! I recall this game moving fairly quickly. Phil had the lucky dice on the night (he's excellent tactician too). Lucky Luke has something everyone wants. What could it be?

Phil's latest project.

We're using A Good Day To Die rules but doesn't this book looks great on the table.

Deadwood is a dangerous place to be today.

Lucky Luke is hiding out, waiting for his new posse to arrive.

Gunfight! Hmm, I think this photo is out of order.

"Hey Senior!"

Danger is around every corner.

Where the streets have no name.

That cemetery is going to get awfully crowded.

Mexican standoff.

Gunfight... in order!

Keep an eye out for that old gunslinger.

"Hey Luke, lets get moving!"

Luck of the die!

Two thumbs up!

Man of a thousand faces!

Cheesy grin!


"I'm taking you both in."

Who shot the Sheriff?

Another shootout...

...turns into a knife fight.

Blazing guns.

A painful death.

Keep an eye on that old gunslinger in the back alley.



"We got you covered!"

"Not so fast."

"I'm calling you out."



What next?

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