Sunday, 29 September 2013

Dungeons and Dragons + Star of Darkness

Here are some photos from the last Dungeons & Dragons game. Once again, the photos do not compare to the gaming experience. A lot of fun was had in town, including the introduction of some new NPCs, one of which is  Lissette, the deckhand of Black Jess (a trading cog). She leads the party to a dockside tavern. Between drinks an animated flying skull wearing a wizard's hat introduces himself as Artemis the Artificer. Here the plot hinges upon a certain Black Pin. More (or perhaps less) will be revealed about this later.

The party gathers in a dockside tavern in Brym's Town.

Yes, that's a flying skull wearing a wizard's hat. *^U.
After leaving town, the party encounter some frightened conjurers. Windom and Nagrom the Wise are fleeing from an Orc ambush which left some of their companions dead and the others taken captive. Windom convinces the party to attempt a rescue mission. This leads to a night raid on an encampment of cannibal Orcs. They interrupt the Orc's evening feast, as an adventurer is being roasted on a spit. During the ensuing battle Hatchett Higgins rescues a pair of terrified knights. Glad to have avoided the fate of their unfortunate companion, Sir Frederick and Sir Ferdinand take up arms and attack the Orcs with blind fury. 
Night has fallen as the company approach the Orc dwelling. The smell of burning flesh carries on the wind.

Interrupting dinner, the battle commences.

More Orcs! In the heat of battle, Horsepuncher Jones transforms into a Ratman!

Fighting continues on both sides of the fence.

Wide shot: Another superb set of terrain made by Lewis.

A huge green Orc enters the fray!


Terms are met.

Entering Cam's Fort. A pentagram on the floor gives an uneasy feeling.

Another pentagram room.

The inner sanctum with a blatant Smurf idol. All you need is love.

The dungeon below Cam's Fort.

Releasing the Necromancer from his glass tomb is a predictably bad move.

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