Saturday, 9 May 2015

PTS 79 + Grenadier Giant Orc

Grenadier Giant Orc.
Another Painting Table Saturday, as the year keeps on rolling! Winter sports have also begun, keeping the family busy with netball and hockey. I will do my best to keep the painting table active over the winter months and finish off some long running projects. Last week on Painting Table Saturday I was painting Orcs for the Lord of The Rings Strategy Battle Game. I now have over a dozen painted and decided to finish painting this old Grenadier Giant Orc as a reward. I bought this miniature new when I was in my teens. It used to be green. However, to match my new regiment of Morgul Orcs, I went with a new colour palette.

This may be a Julie Guthrie sculpt? If anyone knows, I would appreciate the information. Obviously the original weapon broke off at the hand and is long gone. I have no idea what it was but from memory I suspect it was a maul or warhammer of some description. I replaced it with a Games Workshop sword off a Chaos Warrior plastic sprue. Funny how well it fits. GW miniatures are getting bigger and bigger with each passing year!

I flocked the base with winter grass and a mix of light and medium green moss and left plenty of stony ground. For a sense of scale, there is also a decapitated plastic orc head at his feet.

Head on.

Awesome armour.

A superbly sculpted star shield boss.

Increasing the effectiveness of the front line.

The next dungeon terrain project looms.

God bless you and have a great week!

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