Sunday, 31 May 2015

Dungeons and Dragons + NZ Festival of MindSports 2015

Dungeons & Dragons Party. 
A fantastic start to the NZ Festival of MindSports in Thames this weekend with Tunnels and Trolls added to the roster of games, thanks to Mark Thornton stepping in as a Game Master. I also returned as Dungeon Master with some superb DWARVEN FORGERY™ terrain for an exciting session of Dungeons & Dragons.

With the North Island Wargaming Convention happening in the same building, there was a whole lot of gaming going on! Ancients, Flames of War, Warhammer (Fantasy Battle and 40K), Warmachine/Hordes and plenty more. I took some time to wander around the tables and take photos. Lots of eye candy.

There was also an enterprising young entrepreneur named Richard Morita and his new Edo Jidai - Duelling Samurai game. I had a great time chatting to him about how the game came about and his plans for the future. I also ended up going home with a copy. Thanks mum!

At my table, the D&D game was full of mirth and youthful enthusiasm. Special merit goes to Honour. Her wizard managed to counter the beastman shaman's spell and turn his fire elemental against him (and then kept it as a pet). Thanks and blessings also to Mark Thornton, a veteran gamer, a scholar and a gentleman. I can't wait for the games next weekend!

Enter if you dare!


Liam, Caelan, Levi and headless Charlie.


Lord Duffleduck I... table dancing?

This is Sparta!

You hear a hissing sound.

NICON 2015.

A new game!

Duelling Samurai Deluxe Edition.

A good day to die!

Little boxes (made out of ticky-tacky).



Skull Mountain.

Never split the party.

Rat attack!

Now you see me...

End of Day One!

Tunnels & Trolls Whitebook Edition!

Arena of Khazan.

Mark's signed copy of Tunnels & Trolls.

Richard Morita, Edo Jidai game creator, far right.

God bless you all and see you next week!


  1. "Little boxes (made out of ticky-tacky)." Is that's showing your age?
    Some great looking games going on there!

    1. My dad had an eclectic record collection. I recall the Pete Seeger version. Dad sang it often. I love the lyrics. Anyway, the games were awesome. It's all on again this coming weekend.

    2. I remember hearing it on the "wireless" as a little nipper in the early 60's!!