Monday, 1 June 2015

PTS 82 + Viking Shields + White Dwarf

The White Dwarf.
Edition 82 of Painting Table Saturday and the 1980's Citadel Vikings are finished, with some fantastic shields. Some were scratch built and I did my research online for different viking shield designs. The results of my paint work are none too shabby. They look authentic, to my eyes at least. These miniatures will look great in my next game of SAGA.

I also have a blast from the past. The White Dwarf! He made a special appearance in Hero Quest and it's this plastic miniature that I'm painting. The similarity between the sculpt and the cover of the 90th edition of the (now extinct) White Dwarf magazine is obviously intentional. I even recall buying that issue of the magazine! So I'm old enough to remember and not too old to forget...

I hope to finish this nostalgic figure during the week.

Hero Quest Dwarf

The White Dwarf

Viking Shield, made from a plastic furniture-hole-plug and putty.

Wee Three Vikings!

Kiss my axe!

God bless you and have a great week!