Thursday, 4 June 2015

Petty Gods + Revised & Expanded Edition

Petty Gods: Revised and Expanded Edition. 
My hardback copy of Petty Gods arrived yesterday and it really is amazing! I have the first copy to reach New Zealand. Almost 400 pages of magnificent creativity with enough juice to power a lifetime worth of fantasy campaigns. Packed full of gorgeous illustrations, Petty Gods really is a beautiful beast of a book.

As a fan of the more legendary contributors, it's humbling to have my own art and prose in print along with grandmasters of the hobby. James Ward and Erol Otus for example, who were playing the game when Dungeons & Dragons was born over forty years ago!

Ravel/Unravel by James Ward, illustrated by Darcy Perry.
I became involved in this project two years ago and the mammoth size of Petty Gods is only matched by the generosity of everyone that contributed to the book. A sign that the hobby is truly alive and well. The logo on the cover sums it up succinctly. ORC: Old-school Role-playing Community.

Having this book in my hands has also inspired me to write an Old School book in collaboration with some of the authors and artists, including fellow kiwis, Grant Stone and Rom Brown. It will feature characters and creations of the science-fantasy world of Blackhawk, my D&D campaign.

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  1. Ya lucky devil ... my copy mustn't be too far off ;p

    1. Your art looks stunning! Epic project. Grant is eagerly awaiting his copy also.