Thursday, 18 June 2015

EPIC + Warhammer 40K + Games Workshop

Epic: Eldar vs Chaos
Monday night, game night. A very long time since I've posted anything about the games going on at the Tamahere Officers Club. The D&D games are highly enjoyable, with so much going on, that writing about them after the session would somehow lessen their level of awesome. Fortunately I am not the only one running games! So here is our first game of an Epic campaign, as told by Lewis Morgan.

Eldar vs Chaos

The other night we got out the Epic stuff!

I have always been a rabid fan of Epic 40K in all it's incarnations. Each edition had it's own special charm, but in particular I remember the sheer awesomeness if opening a box to find hundreds of figures inside. The brain literally explodes with the possibilities (or maybe that's just the impending nervous breakdown when you realise how much painting is ahead).

Our first battle was Eldar vs Chaos, courtesy of Dave's excellently painted armies and my manky old Adeptus Titanicus cityscape terrain.

Apart from Dave, our epic rules recall varied from rusty to non-existent. Nevertheless Blair and I randomly scattered our daemons and chaos marines ready to assault the bridges. Across Shark River Dave and Greg wisely prepared their skimmers to "pop up" and hose the crap out of us.

Gentlemen, start your engines!

Well shortly after starting the engines the forces of Chaos were getting their arses handed to them on a plate.

Under the combined firepower of lascannons & vibrocannons, (& the strange but deadly candyfloss from the Deathspinners), our troops were decimated. Waveserpents raced across a bridge, rudely pushing our polite trolls to one side and disgorging Striking Scorpions. Our Pink Horrors became Blue Horrors, and our Blue Horrors became blue stains on the riverbank.

It was all turning to turds so I went home early. Unburdened by my sage advice, Blair proceeded to snatch a respectable draw from the jaws of defeat!!

Such are the fickle ways of Chaos...

(Photos: Darcy)

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