Wednesday, 10 June 2015

PTS 83 + Morgul Orcs + Lord of the Rings

Warband of Morgul Orcs. 
Edition #83 of Painting Table Saturday with the painting mostly happening on Wednesday night due to an amazing weekend at the NZ Festival of MindSports. Back in PTS #76 I detailed my Morgul Orcs project. This continued in PTS #78 as I gathered a regiment of Orcs for Lord of the Rings battle games.

Last night I finished the final fifteen of what is now a  thirty-strong warband of Morgul Orcs, ready for battle! 

I collected these over a decade ago from the Battle Games in Middle-earth series of wargaming magazines by DeAgostini and Games Workshop. Apart from the Captain and Shaman, these are plastic miniatures which I have weighted with standard washers beneath each base. I like heft.

These were a side project that I'm glad I've finished as I may have gone overboard painting eyes and teeth! However, they will look impressive on the tabletop.

God bless you and have a great week!


  1. They look fantastic Darcy ! Beautiful paint job !

    1. Thank you Mario. They were a joy to paint, although thirty was a challenge. I'm looking forward to fielding them against the dwarves, elves and men of Rohan.