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Mad Max + Road Warrior + Road Wolf Game

Mad Max the Road Warrior. 
Monday night, Game Night! Here is a report from Lewis Morgan about our fast and furious game of Road (Wolf) Warriors. For background mood music I played the soundtrack to Fury Road but then moved onto Albert Collins (live 1971). Raw funky blues makes for a better game of car wars.

As a longtime sufferer of the Road Madness, Mr Morgan is a die-hard Mad Max fan. Suffice to say with Lewis as referee this was an amazing game and Dave, Blair, Phil and I enjoyed it immensely. Big ups to Lewis! Here is his report:


I have been an absolutely rabid Mad Max fan for the last 25 years, and have spent these years searching for the ultimate Road Warrior game.

Just as Max was driven mad (in MM1) and condemned to wander the outback wastes, I lost all grip of the road code and aimlessly wandered the game store aisles, and of late, internet byways, in search of THE GAME.

Searching for THE GAME has dehumanised me to the point where I have subjected my friends to an unending diet of self designed tabletop car combat, each permutation more twisted than the last

So if you are a sufferer of the Road Madness, be warned;

This may be the LAST THING YOU READ


On a seemingly uneventful day in the outback a fuel convoy is jumped by Mad Max (in the black Interceptor) and Vin Petroleum (in his yellow 69 Mustang). Two ex-police bikes (Go the Goose!) join Max to menace Bill Connelly (on the trike) and Stain McUnlucky (learner biker).

Soccer mum, Beryl, drives on at the speed limit, ready to support the convoy in her brand new BMW SUV.

Suddenly a buggy and dirt bike join the attack from off road! (Note spanner used as measuring stick)

In an effort to cool the situation Billy makes a joke about bald meatheads. Vin swerves into Billy's trike and a great comedy talent is lost to the world forever :-(

The Rig driver puts the hammer down and heads for the horizon whilst Beryl tootles along unconcerned.

Enthused by this show of celebrity cleansing Max helps Stain McUnlucky live up to his name. Scratch 2 bikes in the convoy!

In the distance something is spotted on the road - supplies!

Although against all things holy, Beryl decides to take her SUV off road, smashing the dirt bike into the dust and then ramming the buggy. Unfortunately the buggy survives and smelly chap-clad road warrior leap onto the bonnet of the Beemer! Distracted by their naked buttocks Beryl cops a tire iron to the face.

The Rig cuts left taking out the Goose! The Rig cuts right hitting Max!

Max holds steady, flips on the blower and boosts away!


The remaining police bike surges forward...

...and forward!

Vin nitro fuelled banana special hits the laughing gas.

He rams the Rig once, twice, and pieces of rubber and metal fly from the trailer!

The Rig driver wrestles to control the behemoth as it goes into a slide!!

One road warrior from the buggy slides into the SUV. He desperately tries to take control of the Beemer, but confused by it's european controls he rams the buggy. The buggy skids toward Max as the Beemer spins out!


The Rig takes a swipe at the remaining police bike...

...and misses! The biker is having none of this.

He raises his crossbow and with two handy shots picks off the guards on the top of the trailer.

Max shoots, Max scores! The Rig's mechanic takes a crossbow bolt to the chest.


The Rig driver aims his shotgun...

He misses the biker, but puts him down with his second shot!

Now the Rig bears down on Max. It's ram plate catches the interceptor! The interceptor almost goes under but Max floors it and slides free. From the buggy road warriors leap onto the Rig, however the swerving beast shakes them off.

Max takes a shot at the cab and skewers a guard. Only the driver of the Rig is left....


The Rig rams the interceptor. Max winces as pieces of his beloved litter the road. Vin and the buggy box in the Rig. As the interceptor is pushed along by the Rig Max turns, lines up his man and fires. The crossbow takes the driver through the eye and the Rig grinds to a halt.

Further back down the road, the lone warrior in the Beemer enjoys the heated seats of the "Ultimate Driving Machine".

I gotta say I love this game!

We used the Road Wolf rules: and they are excellent! Simple, fast moving and every time you activate a vehicle its like a scene from Mad Max.

What more could a Road Warrior ask for?


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  1. I finally played a couple games of Road Wolf recently and found I really enjoyed it. Just basic Interceptor scenarios thus far but I am excited to try some others and with more players. Way cool game and it gives me a reason to dig into my kids toys and play with Hotwheels again. Bonus!