Saturday, 4 July 2015

PTS 87 + A Very Old White Dwarf

A Very Old White Dwarf! 
It's the weekend and also a beginning of the school holidays. So, a quick Painting Table Saturday update, edition 87. I was gifted some great old miniatures from a while back. My good friend Mark Vuletich had picked them up with some American Civil War armies. They are definitely early D&D (or maybe RuneQuest) miniatures. I did find information online at the time but alas the photo is somewhere on my hard drive and since I've based them, I no longer can read the brand and date inscription on the bases!

Suffice to say, I will get to the bottom of it! One of the group is not like the others. He is a lovely old dwarf. All of these miniatures ooze character but I suspect this one wasn't made by the same manufacturer. I have a few very old miniatures like this one in my collection. Pre-slotta base Citadel figures and their like. Most of my miniatures are classic 1980's sculpts (and the decades that follow), because that's when I began playing role-playing games. He looks like an explorer, ready to go spelunking. His upheld sword arm could as easily been holding a burning brand.

I hope by next week I will have the information on when and where these miniatures came from. In the meantime, I have finished painting the dwarf. Enjoy!

Hi, ho. Hi ho!

Any clues?

Painting begins!

God bless you and have a great week!

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  1. Nice looking figures, I wish I could tell you where they're from. Thanks for the link to the Road Wolf rules by the way. I'll definitely give them a try.