Monday, 27 July 2015

PTS 90 + Rogue Trader + 40K Space Marines + Scouts

Scouts. We will do our best!
A belated Painting Table Saturday #90. I have been playing a lot of ITEN lately, which is closer to Rogue Trader than later editions of Warhammer 40k. This has lead to some online purchases of citadel miniatures from the days of my youth.

To keep things interesting I have also made some conversions to add character to some models that are way too similar for my liking. The scouts looked rather uniform, so I gave most a new head or hairstyle. I stopped short of replacing some of the large knives for axes.

The older space marines required stripping. This proved challenging as they had two or three heavy layers of paint in most cases. The next dilemma is what colour to paint them? There are a multitude of Marine Chapters to choose from. I can even create my own. I could paint each one differently (as a tribute to ), or have two squads of five, or even one unit of ten marines from a single chapter.

Perhaps Howling Griffons and Ultra Marines? Or Black Templars and Dark Angels? Time will tell...

Cyborg arm, lizard-skin cloak, new heads and hairstyles.

Janola is your friend when stripping plastic.
Tamiya putty work.

Chronopia staff.

Pink plastic beads for boosters.

Beneath 3 layers of paint, white plastic!

Janola is your friend when stripping plastic.

Painting begins...

God bless you and have a great week.

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