Monday, 17 August 2015

PTS 93 + Rogue Trader 40k Medic Marine + Carnifex

Converting Space Marines. 
Here's Painting Table Saturday #93 with more Warhammer 40k goodness as I continue working on my Rogue Trader Kill Team.

A few plastic marines I have collected are being converted into axe wielding assault troops, with more dynamic poses, thanks to a sharp knife and liquid glue.

One of my 'new' old Citadel miniatures had already been converted. A classic Medic figure was given a more modern plastic bolter. You may notice how big it is compared to the one in his other hand. Medics (or Apothecaries) tend the wounded, collect Chapter gene-seed from fallen comrades and monitor recruits and neophytes for mutations. Unfortunately the bolter conversion also meant he lost his Carnifex.

His what? Well, I had no idea what one was! Fortunately my good friend Lewis was able to inform me about this important piece of medical equipment, required to euthanize grievously wounded Space Marines. Lewis was also kind enough to lend me one of his unpainted Medics so I could sculpt a Carnifex for mine. Rather than rip off the oversized bolter I decided to hang the new Carnifex from his belt at the rear.

On closer inspection, the right shoulder pad is also missing it's embossed insignia. The symbol of Hermes, two snakes winding around a winged staff. The Caduceus has in recent history become erroneously connected to medicine, instead of trade and negotiation, so I will give him a Chapter badge instead.

Original sculpt with Carnifex on the left. 

That bolter is huge!

The Caduceus emblem.

The new Carnifex, hung from his belt.

God bless you and have a great week!

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