Saturday, 22 August 2015

PTS 94 + Warhammer 40k + Kill Team

Rogue Trader 40k Kill Team. 
A glorious Painting Table Saturday #94 with the completion of my Rogue Trader (Warhammer 40k) Kill Team!

So far I have a magnificent seven made up from the following Space Marine Chapters:

Space Wolves
Dark Angels
White Scars
Blood Angels
Tech Marines (Iron Hands?)
Imperial Fists

I found this humorously accurate.
To speed up the painting I utilised some old Space Marine decals (I never thought I would ever require!) that came free with a mobile painting desk I purchased off trade me a few years ago. The White Scar, Imperial Fist and Dark Angel shoulder pads are decals, with some over painting. Also the Blood Angel insignia on his right leg, which proved tricky and ended up in a mess which required painting the other half anyway.

I had a lot of fun painting the Space Wolf insignia and the Imperial Fist Banner. The later has checks from a previous painter (thanks Jamie) that I couldn't bear to cover up. I can see myself continuing to add detail to these miniatures as they gain experience on the gaming table. We have been playing ITEN with some rules adjustments. I have a Librarian and a Thunder Warrior  (both painted back in the 90s) that I can field with this Kill Team.

I also paid a lot of attention to the base of each miniature, often adding debris from vehicles to enhance the look of a futuristic battle landscape. The backpacks were painted with a similar scheme to give a sense of unity despite the Space Marines coming from different Chapters. Even with the bold brass bling, these are a rough bunch of blood brothers. I'm sure a back story will develop during play.

Please excuse the poor photography.

Blood Angel Veteran

Blood Angel Insignia Detail

Dark Angel with Missile Launcher

Dark Angel Insignia Detail

Imperial Fist Banner

Imperial Fist VII

Imperial Fist Insignia Detail

Medic with Carnifex

Space Marine Chapter Decals 

Angels of Death

Space Wolf

Space Wolf Insignia Detail

Iron Hands Tech Marine

Ultramarine Insignia Detail

Kill Team Sarge!

White Scar Insignia Detail

God bless you and have a great week.


  1. Really really cool!

    The imperial fist banner looks great!

    I reckon to make SM's stand out & look more than just cannon fodder, you have to add detail's. Lots of it & unique stuff...much like what you can see in the RT illustrations.

    You've really knocked your guys out of the park with your level of detail!

    Top notch :)

    Oh, and I'd never heard of ITEN before, I think I'll check it out.

    1. Thanks for the praise, they really were a joy to paint. The Imperial Fists banner was off a more recent Space Marine I bought second hand. Jamie had painted it for a Chapter of Lamenters and I didn't have the heart to paint over the checks. So I did my best to keep them by choosing a suitable replacement Chapter.

      You can check out ITEN here

      I have been reading through my ancient White Dwarf magazines. They have plenty of fine examples of early Rogue Trader 40k goodness.

  2. Excellent looking classics. Love the subtle shading on the lovely colors.

  3. Beautiful work. The whole team looks great.

    1. Thanks Roy! I'm having a blast painting them.

  4. That's got me all nostalgic, that has - very nice work, very old school!

    1. Ah, nostalgia! In some ways they were certainly "the good old days" of Games Workshop. There's no school like the old school.