Friday, 4 September 2015

PTS 95 + 40k + Vikings + Chaos Dwarf

Yes, it's Painting Table Saturday #95. Late due to hard drive failure. It's ok, a new one is on the way. First up here is an old Librarian from the 90s that has been dusted off and given some finishing touches, like the Epistolary and Dark Angels insignia.

The Squats from my good friend Lewis are looking good on the painting table.

An old barbarian bowman from Asgard miniatures. I have a dozen of these barbarians sculpted by the legendary Jes Goodwin.

Eomer from Mirliton miniatures  (1985) required repair. He now has a new set of pins.

From Hasslefree another superb sculpt. A chaos dwarf that has been loitering with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

As with the Librarian above, I painted this Necromunda miniature back in the 90s. Note that the grass on the base was putty I sculpted and painted. That's how I rolled back then. He will be a Thunder Warrior in my Rogue Trader Kill Team.

Another gift from Lewis is this SAGA viking. I enjoyed painting him in muted natural colours. The head wound is bound and his clothes are striped. A bloody axe and a wild staring blue eye.

God bless you and have a great week.


  1. That's not a necromunda figure. It is a mutant chronicles imperial doomtrooper.

    1. Thanks Timothy! I stand corrected! I have never played Mutant Chronicles but I would have collected this miniature because I was playing Chronopia, another Target Games production. I had a flatmate who loved Necromunda, so that's where my memory error occurred.