Sunday, 6 September 2015

PTS 96 + Rainbow Cake + 40k Lamenters

Another late Painting Table Saturday as we get close to #100. So here is #96. I'm still waiting on a new hard drive but it's been a big week here in God's Zone. I'm an ambassador for Blue September, so the first week has been full of events with plenty more planned for the month. Rylee, our youngest girl, turned 6 and once again my beloved wife proved her awesome status as Mum, Master Baker. Check out her rainbow cake!

On the painting table I have some Space Marines I bought on Trade Me. In pieces. The previous owner (Jamie) gave them a great paint job but I want to upgrade the backpacks to jump packs, so an Ebay purchase will have them flying around the gaming table. The Lamenters are a Space Marine Chapter of Blood Angels descent that may be the closest thing you get to "Good Guys" in the Warhammer 40k universe. 

Of course, in a future where there is only war, this means they have had nothing but grief for their efforts. These guys have the worst of luck and their history is full of tales of woe. Currently on a 100 year crusade as some form of penance, they are not permitted to recruit any new neophytes. With only a few hundred marines left, The Lamenters are on the brink of extinction. Their battle cry?

For those we cherish, we die in Glory!

Seriously. I think they need a new battle cry. Perhaps something to do with victory and courage under fire. Ah well, maybe the jump packs will help change their fortune?

Pippins trip to the Fire Station.

Fire Truck leaving for a call out.

Nash! Random dude bombing my photo.

Bowls of colour.

Cakes of colour.

Ready for icing the next day.

Rainbow in the morning.

Pick up the pieces: 40k Lamenters.

Flash on, but you get the idea.

Six layers of colour.

Happy Birthday Rylee!

God bless you and have a great week!