Saturday, 6 February 2016

Eomer + Lord of the Rings

Eomer was Third Marshall of the Mark. 
I have survived the first week in my new role as Bishop's Youth Ministry Coordinator for the Waikato Diocese. This has meant less painting time in the evenings, as I say goodbye to the summer holidays and hello to a year of learning.

However, it's Painting Table Saturday and with thanks to Nick and his challenge to paint a mini each week in 2016, I have another fighting man for the gaming table. 

I had a request for more Lord of the Rings miniatures, so here is Eomer, one of my favourite characters from the movies by Peter Jackson. Mainly because he is played by a kiwi I have sat down and chatted with, Karl Urban. We were both house dads in Auckland, looking after our kids between gigs. We talked about the balance between family and work. It was before Star Trek came out. Can you imagine a better Bones McCoy?

Of course, I read the books in my childhood. Back then I didn't notice Eomer as much as other characters. Even Eowyn stood out more than him. So I can reflect upon the movies as having opened my eyes in that respect.

Eomer was Third Marshall of the Mark. A faithful countryman and honoured leader of his people. Later he was called Eomer Eadig, "the Blessed". During his reign Rohan became a rich and fruitful land again, healed from the ravages of the War.

This one was on the painting table for a while and even required repair before finishing. A 1985 sculpt from Mirliton miniatures, the detail on his mail and belt is superb - in a way it's a shame that I had to give him a shield. Painted to tabletop standard, I decided to put extra time into the shield design. A great looking figure. He certainly wouldn't look out of place in a game of SAGA.

"Now is the hour! Riders of Rohan! Oaths you have taken, now fulfill them all, to lord and land!"

God bless. Enjoy your week!

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