Sunday, 20 March 2016

Morgul Orcs + Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game

The Orcs are coming! 
Thanks to a full week and weekend, I spent a few hours today taking some time out with brush in hand. The result was seven more painted Orcs from the (Games Workshop) Lord of the Rings line. These were ones I bought on Trade Me and had been disarmed. A few minutes with liquid glue and my bits box had them ready for action.

You may recognise swords and shields from Elves and Men, taken up from the fallen on battle fields across Middle Earth. I enjoy how easy it is to modify these miniatures (the upside of plastic). Sculpts by the Perry twins are also full of detail. Check out the teeth!

This was an awesome speedy effort for #paintingtablesaturday and also a record smashing  #oneminieveryweek (one for each day!) Now it's time to hit the books.

Enjoy your week and God bless.


  1. Love those. Must get back to LotR!

    1. Thanks. I need to find the time for a game or two. They deserve to be on the table top.