Friday, 27 May 2016

Dueling Samurai + Edo Jidai

Dueling Samurai. 
Richard is a fine fellow living in Thames, New Zealand. Over the last few years he has been building an exciting new board game in his shed. Dueling Samurai: A vicious and epic Samurai Era board game! I met Richard at the MindSports Festival and he told me of his time in Japan and how his friends wanted to play Risk but it wasn't his cup of sake. It occurred to him that he would rather have a more engaging and interactive game, inspired by both the historical and mythical Japan.

Well, it's all in here! Spying, Assassination, Ninja Attacks, Navy, Snipers, Brothels, Festivals, Ceremony, Religious Conversion, Sumo, Ronin, Pirates, Bandits, Bribery, Hostages, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tsunami, Typhoons, and Flooding. You play a legendary clan leader in Feudal Japan, a war torn and blood soaked nation. You must defeat your rivals. Command and conquer. Forge the Edo Jidai with your Dueling Samurai!

After hosting tournaments with vigorous (and thoroughly enjoyable) play-testing, Richi has decided it's time to take his game to the world. He is also releasing the game in multiple languages, including French, German and of course, Japanese!

Ritchie's project is live:

Any help to spread the word would be appreciated. Better yet, back it!

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