Saturday, 7 May 2016

Sculpting Fantasy Miniatures + Ninja Warrior

Ninja Warrior. 
I knocked out another assignment this week for my Bachelor of Ministries. I also sculpted this miniature of a Ninja Warrior. My inspiration came from the games of Bushido and AD&D Oriental Adventures I played in the 80s with my school friends in Te Kuiti.

In Advanced Dungeons & Dragons the Ninja was a class you chose to play, like Thief or Fighter. Bushido was more subtle: the Ninja had a cover class. So if you rolled high enough during character creation to play a Ninja, you rolled again for another class. This other class was the role of your character during daylight, when they weren't up to more covert activities.

Deathtrap Dungeon Ninja. 
This miniature also brings back memories of watching a swag of classic ninja videos, an encounter in Deathtrap Dungeon, the Fighting Fantasy gamebook Talisman of Death and the adventure game book series called The Way of the Tiger (by Mark Smith and Jamie Thomson).

Sculpting from a wire frame with Tamiya Epoxy Putty. 

God bless you and enjoy your week!


  1. So ...when are the casts coming out? :)

    1. Perry Miniatures? I have found a place in Wellington. They have a lot of work on, so it may be early July? I will need to find some funds though. Perhaps a Kickstarter type thing would work? Slàine and the Dwarf Lord seem to be the most popular so far.

  2. Another great sculpted figure!