Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Henchmen for Hire + Meatshields! + Ajax

"Men you'd be glad to take underground!"
The classic fantasy hireling and henchman generator. It is what it says it is. Old news to many perhaps but still a useful tool I call on often.

There is enough detail to work with right from the get go. If at a later time I require attributes, I roll them then, during play. More importantly, a wealth of role-play material is provided in the columns for Background, Possessions & Knowledge, and Notable Features. Plenty of humour to be found here!

As a side note, if the henchman is a lawful warrior, I allow him to be from Expeditions Unlimited, one of Ajax's famous "Warriors-for-Hire". His strength will be 15 or better and he will be fully equipped with chainmail, a helmet, shield and sword. Thanks J. Eric Holmes!

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