Thursday, 23 January 2014

Tiamat is Back! + D&D NEXT

Over the last week I have been at the beach with my family. It's summer here in New Zealand and the weather is beautiful. It's been a time for fun and laughter with the wife and kids. Also, quiet reflection and meditation. Usually on the early morning beach walks with our dog.

There has also been some reading. As I flex my blogging muscles and grow as a blog writer, my admiration for good bloggers grows also. Often I will find gaming ideas I have had on the workbench for years, fully realised by clever bloggers, often taken in directions I wouldn't have dreamed of.

Every now and then a blog bomb hits that has all the bees buzzing. Today was such a day. This is the first official press story I read, thanks to Tenkar:

To my mind, this is great news. Having been interviewed yesterday by a local paper about D&D, I recognise that not everyone knows what it is. The 21 year old interviewer had certainly never played it!

Am I more excited about D&D NEXT or Tiamat...? Probably the latter. Will a multi-platform, multi-media, mass marketing campaign help bring new players to the gaming table? No doubt. 2014 is certainly going to be a good year for D&D!

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