Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Uther Dwarf Lord + Harboth Orc Archer

Straight from the painting desk, Uther (Dwarf Lord of Legend) face to face with one of Harboth's boys. I don't like the Orc's chances!

Harboth's Orc Archer Vs. Uther, Dwarf Lord of Legend.

Yes, I paint the backs of my shields.

I haven't painted stripey pants in a while!

Another unique painted shield.

I can see your house from here!

I think these both came out very well. A balance was struck between metallic paint, washes and dry brushed detail. Some gravel made a dramatic rocky base for the archer. These are both miniatures from the golden age of gaming, when Citadel was a mighty fortress of imagination and creativity. Painting them certainly took me back to the 80s! Their names will be changed for the next D&D session.

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  1. That's a bit good. Nice work on the stripey pants but exceptional work on the shield. Top notch!