Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Blood Bowl + Orcs Vs Skaven

Monday night action with another game of Blood Bowl! Phil was playing the Orc side and I had the ratty Skaven. For extra fun, we each played a seven-a-side-plus-one-large team. The Orc's has an Ogre, subject to stupidity. The Skaven had a Rat Ogre, wild and feral. It was Phil's first game of Blood Bowl and he won 2-0. Lewis was host and referee. He did a superb job of keeping the game moving without giving us too many hints. A lot of fun and there will be more games this season, without a doubt. I have some teams on their way to my painting bench this week.

A great night for sports fans.

Play is underway.

Expert blocking? Throw down!


Rough play.



Knock down.

The first of many casualties.

Throw down!

Just a flesh wound.


Loose ball!

Ratty reflexes!

Go long!

A try! Or whatever they call it in Grid Iron. The Orcs are on fire!

Kick off.

There was plenty of death and dismemberment.

Is this a last gasp effort from the Skaven?

The ball bounces!

The game ends with a fumble.

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