Thursday, 17 April 2014

Painting Table Saturday 24 + Battle of Five Armies

Welcome to the Man Shed, as part of Sofie's Painting Table #24. I may have taken on a task beyond my capabilities here but I love a challenge! If it weren't for a childhood love of The Hobbit (and Fighting Fantasy books), I probably wouldn't be a gamer. Now I've come to the real test of champions. Painting 10mm miniatures for the Battle of Five Armies. My good friend Lewis gave me this box and I hope to have the armies ready for the table by Christmas...

Great battles of Middle-Earth!

Sprues a plenty!

10mm Beorn!

Cleaning up the Wargs.

10mm is mighty small.

Radagast is finally finished!

It's been a Tolkien day!

From my collection of half-pint heroes.

Elven cloaks.

He went that way!

No, that way!


  1. I'm assuming that's a 28mm dwarf next to that sprue of dwarves? Shees, I have 'nuff problems seeing detail on my 288mm and 25mm minis. Can't imagine a 10mm.

    1. Hi Ivan, you are correct. He's an official Lord of the Rings Dwarf from Games Workshop, which although smaller than their Warhammer miniatures, is gigantic compared to the Battle of Five Armies miniatures. 10mm is the scale for Warmaster, which the game closely resembles.

  2. Thanks for participating! I added your link to my blog post.
    Greetings, Sofie

  3. Hello there and nicely painted. I really like all of the mini's on show.

  4. 10 mm !!! why do they do so small figures ???? that's crazy !!

    I like a lot your painting work on the figures ! they are amazing !

  5. Hola
    Magnificas piezas tienes en la mesa y mucho trabajo
    Los escudos tienen un gran trabajo
    Las de 10mm madre mía super pequeñas
    un saludo