Saturday, 12 April 2014

Painting Table Saturday 23 + Shadowfax

I was inspired this week to get some of the unfinished Lord of the Rings miniatures out of the drawers. Partly because we watched the Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug again this week but mostly because I read Scott Bowman's post about Blanco, the amazing horse who was Shadowfax in the Peter Jackson films. In memory of The Lord of Horses, I dug out my superb miniature of Gandalf the White riding Shadowfax. This miniature in particular has spent a good decade gathering dust. It was good to finally give it a well deserved paint in honour of such a superb steed.

Thanks again to Sofie! This is Painting Table Saturday, number 23!
In honour of Shadowfax (RIP Blanco).

A long time coming...

Men of Gondor.

Almost finished!

Ride free in the Undying Lands!


  1. Thanks for participating! I added you link.
    Greetings, Sofie

  2. Great figure! your painting work deserve it perfectly !!
    A nice tribute for a so well-known horse !
    Ride free Blanco !

  3. Brilliant job Darcy. Thanks for the mention. Glad I inspired you. You have produced a wonderful tribute to Blanco. Love that first shot with the sky in the background!

    1. Thanks Scott. I was trying to keep the trampoline out of shot.

  4. Great tribute to the King of the Horses !
    linked in my blog .

    You've chosen the light beige for Gandalf, I was not sure, I've started with beige and finally used white for the highlights !

    1. Thank you Sam. I tried blue, green and brown as tints and finally went with a sepia wash for Gandalf. Shadowfax is more grey than white but that's how he is described in the book. There is a lot of white going on! The blue, green, brown and grey help give the white substance. The eyes, face and beard proved to be a challenge. It's good to complete such an awesome miniature. Especially since I started painting it over ten years ago!