Monday, 26 May 2014

Grenadier Oriental Heroes 2020 Box Set

Every now and then I get a surprise. Here is a gift from my good friend Lewis. An original 1980s, still shrink-wrapped, box set of Grenadier miniatures. As many of you will know, these are as rare as hens teeth. Which leaves me with a conundrum. Do I open it? Inside is genuine 1980s American air. Seriously though, this gift took me back in time. I was a young teenager once again, eager to paint a heroic character for Bushido, or perhaps an AD&D Oriental Adventures campaign. It was like the feeling I would get before my Tae Kwon Do grading.

So, do I open it? As my friend Greg said, the test of a real gamer. Surely I am not just a collector of curios from a glorious bygone age of role-playing games? I do have some of these miniatures kicking around in my neglected lead trays, most without weapons. This is a full set though, in mint condition. A genuine Dragon Lords boxed set of Grenadier models. To stay wrapped or to unwrap, that is the question...

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  1. I for one are keen to see them given the Perry treatment ...and you know you want to inhale that, erm, highly collectable air ;p