Saturday, 3 May 2014

Painting Table Saturday 26 + Kermit + Blood Bowl

Welcome to Painting Table Saturday, number 26. It's school holidays and there has been a lot of travel and family time with my children. Before the holidays I had a gig as Kermit at a children's hospice. I joked with my brother Sasha that given my size, I'd be Kermit the Hulk. He found that hilarious. Anyway, a seed was planted and when buying a Blood Bowl Dwarf Team off trade me, I also accepted the offer of some painted Frogmen (Slann). 

Now the Frogmen miniatures were painted but not finished. Kelly had done a great job thus far and they were almost ready for the gaming table. I really only had to paint the shoulder pads, loin cloths and eyes, then attach them to bases. However, I decided to go all out and personalise them. The resulting team, Kermit's Krushers, has a rugged feel now and is ready for Blood Bowl come game night!

Thanks to Sofie and have an awesome week!

Begin painting bellies and washing loin cloths.

One was pretty armless!

Added flesh tones to the belly.

And back.

Rylee (four) is a prolific painter.

Ella, Rylee, Ethan and Jade at the painting table.

Progress in leaps and bounds.

Sandpit sand glued to bases.

Painting Table Saturday with Jade, Ella and Zoe.

Applying flock for a swampy look.

Kermit's Krushers!

More Flies for the Frog God!


  1. Nice work, puts my bloodbowl lizardmen to shame. I wonder if I should get my stuff out and have a game

    1. They may be up against some Ogre's tomorrow night. Things could get squishy. Apparently I should be looking for a Kroxigor?